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Halloween 2019 There will be b…
Halloween 2019 There will be blood

Hi there!I came here to share with you pictures from this years Halloween party. This year I did something different cause I wanted to make some kind of cut with blood. And for the record I think I like the effect. Like every year I spent Halloween with family eating sweets, watching horror movies and listening to my Halloween playlist on Spotify. This year I choose ''Close Your eyes'' song by Kim Petras as a title of this post cause she realesed this song recently and i love the spoky vibe…

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  1. Ewa - WorldFashionStyleEve Ewa - WorldFashionStyleEve

    Dodaję i czekam na więcej :-*

  2. Hanna Popławska Hanna Popławska

    Fajny profil. Też dodaję.