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When you come back to me.
When you come back to me.

Edyta Górniak - When you come back to meNow that I've found you, The feeling won't leave my heart. Holding on without you, Alone here in the dark. And I hope you're dreaming of me, The way I dream of you. And I pray each night we'll have a chance, To make them all come true. When, when you come back to me. I'll hold you 'till forever ends, And never let you go again. When, when you come back to me. I'll welcome you into my heart, Like we've never been apart. Our lives crossed in a moment, A…

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  1. agnesja agnesja

    Dodaje do ulubionych :*

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  3. MUSZKA Fabulous MUSZKA Fabulous

    dziękuję :-)

  4. Paulina Felińska Paulina Felińska

    cudne kształty! ściskam

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    dodaję :)